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esugo is Malaysias digital innovation agency

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Our team compiles a vast experience around designing, developing, maintaining and supporting the most diverse platforms and business cases.

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With an extensive knowledge on proper development, documentation and operation in the tech industry we help clients to make the most of their own dev and devops teams.

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Web design

At esugo we love design, with our award winning designers making sure to get that awww-moment every time customers and their visitors see our work.

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Web development

Having a beautiful web design is the first thing in getting our business online, turning that design into a full blown, dynamic and engaging application is the next.

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At esugo we are proud to deploy the same amazing skills our customers get for projects we think meet a need and are not well represented at the market. That is why we launch our own projects and spawn interesting ideas into full fledged products.

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Cloud Platforms

Our team comprises a vast experience and know-how with online infrastructure and the platforms available for deployment of our clients applications.

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Database Systems
PHP & Python
Headless CMS

Our dedicated front-end team is comprised of experts in HTML and CSS, as the technology that builds the very base of the internet, including all major frameworks like bootstrap and bulma on the style side, as well as VueJS and facebooks react javascript based libraries for dynamic websites on the client side.

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About us

The story of esugo SDN BHD begins in 2016 with our founder and managing director Benjamin Bromberg. With an initial team of 4 experts in web design, development, e-commerce coaching and digital marketing esugo quickly became a busy agency in the domestic Malaysian market.

With our extensive skillset and the know-how comprised in our team, that grew by multiple folds over the years, we work for numerous clients and even more projects in multiple roles from outsourcing partner, external developing party and advisors. Get in touch now to know more about our success stories and how we can support your digital business!

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