DNS troubleshooting made easy

DNS records are a vital tool to get right when configuring domain names.

DNS troubleshooting made easy

Written by Benjamin Bromberg

The so called Domain Name System or short "DNS" is a concept that governs an important part of the internet. With DNS vanity names like "" can be translated into IP addresses, so that computers can locate resources for users, without the user needing to know the IP of your server.

Since humans are a lot better remembering names and words rather than a random range of numbers, being able to translate your brand domain into the correct server address is vital. If your DNS is not or wrongly configured no one will be able to open your website, send you emails or anything else related to your digital presence.

What DNS is used for

DNS is important but how vital is it really? Well it is about the most important configuration that technicians perform when operating a website.

Without properly setup DNS your domain has essentially no functionality, as the domain name system delegates some of these tasks:

  • Translating domains to IP to connect websites over the internet
  • Powering alias redirects
  • Guiding email delivery

How to troubleshoot DNS

While DNS is important to get right and comes with some special use case quirks, using and configuring it has become increasingly simplified, thanks to training and intuitive interfaces offered by hosting companies.

However sometimes settings don't work out the way they are intended, maybe emails do not get delivered or a certain sub-domain points to the wrong server. In cases like that troubleshooting is often a longwinded endeavour that requires experts familiar with command line tools such as "dig".

Fortunately there are platforms that aim to simplify troubleshooting and give a comprehensive overview of the current DNS configuration for a given domain. This can often be enough to find diagnose issues or rule out causes.

One such tool we love to use at esugo is, a website developed by hosterion, that analyses all the common DNS settings like name servers, email setup, website and many more. It is absolutely free to use and gives you instantly an overview about existing configurations and obvious problems.

If you are running into trouble with your next DNS setup we recommend to try intodns for a first troubleshooting. If you have issues or need general help with the development and operation of website related matters like DNS don't hesitate to reach out to our experts at esugo via email to!

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