Our team compiles a vast experience around designing, developing, maintaining and supporting the most diverse platforms and business cases. We know how to get to market quick and stay there successful, optimise and streamline processes and increase the efficiency of your work force.

Whether you are looking to profit from our know-how to optimise your existing tech and development operation or you are shopping for an external view on your e-commerce business, our experts have your back!


With an extensive knowledge on proper development, documentation and operation in the tech industry we help clients to make the most of their own dev and devops teams. We analyse how you work today and create a strategy for how you should work tomorrow in conjunction with our consulting business.

With hands-on and personal training of your work force in strategy and best practices down to the selection of tools and pipelines we coach your staff and teams to consistently exceed expectations.

Web design

At ESUGO we love design, with our award winning designers making sure to get that awww-moment every time customers see our work.

As the first impression your future visitors and customer get off your business online, a modern and beautiful design boasting awesome usability is a must.

We understand what your business is about and how customers will use your website or application, and design it in the best way to support that.

Web development

Having a beautiful web design is the first thing in getting our business online, turning that design into a full blown, dynamic and engaging application is the next. Our web development team plans and creates a strategic concept for your business and how to present it online.

We build new websites and applications from scratch for our clients, join existing projects or take care of individual modules based on customer requirements. With our extensive know-how with several programming languages and a variety of frameworks we always deliver a uniquely optimised result. Read more about the technologies we work with here.

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