At esugo we are proud to deploy the same amazing skills our customers get for projects we think meet a need and are not well represented at the market. That is why we launch our own projects and spawn interesting ideas into full fledged products.

Cloud Tools Suite

For our clients we manage lots of infrastructure and work with industry leading partners to make always online a reality. While we bring our clients only to platforms we use and love ourselves, not every individual need can be covered.

That is why we developed our very own, free to use and publicly available cloud tool suite. We use these tools ourselves and deploy them for the challenging work entrusted from our clients everyday. Issue DNS based free SSL certificates, automatically operate static websites based on GIT and Alibaba Cloud OSS service and much more!

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Local small and medium businesses (SMEs) have amazing chances to grow and promote their products online. However many of them are missing out on the opportunities a professional, digital presence can offer them.

With we built a tool that does away with the need for any design or tech know-how and allows every business to instantly create a beautiful website for their operation. From a super simple DIY editor, to stunning templates, SSL encryption and super fast deployment on local Malaysian servers our product is the all-in-one stop for every SME.

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Water keeps us alive, healthy and well. But for that it has to be clean and always available. With that need a whole industry has grown to bring water purification products to Malaysian households, but products are expensive, difficult to install or not easily available. We wanted to bring transparency back to this market and give everyone the information they need to get pure water into their home. That is why is the destination for all information around water treatment, available products, prices, deals and offers.

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