Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

How does Alibaba cloud power platforms in Malaysia? Alibaba Cloud is a platform very much in a unique position. As a Chinese company it expanded early and continuously in other areas of Asia and the Middle East, regions notoriously underserved by other cloud platforms.

Extended by regions on Europe and North America Alibaba Cloud is a provider that truly provides extensive world wide coverage with a full fledge cloud stack.

Besides standard offerings in virtual servers and other IaaS products, multiple lines of managed databases, log services, email transmission, object storage and CDNs are available in several regions.

Alibaba Cloud also is the only operator having a dedicated location in Malaysia with their very first Kuala Lumpur data centre. Here customers can deploy locations with unparalleled performance for the domestic Malaysian market.


  • Strong offers in mainland China, Asia and beyond
  • International approach and support
  • Full cloud stack available
  • Malaysia data centre


  • Partially lacking service stability and documentation
  • Pricing above other established cloud platforms
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