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Web analytics are one of the strongest skills for digital marketing executives, but the biggest value lies in extended metrics that go beyond simple visitor counters.

Extend visitor analytics with reactflow

Gathering data about website visitors, their behaviour on-page and the sources they came from is a pretty standard daily task for most people working in digital marketing. Free and convenient tools like Google Analytics give quick access to a wide range of powerful, but basic, metrics that can enhance marketing activities.

However there is a vast treasure of data produced by every visitor on a website, that most tools are not capturing or analyse only in small parts. Special tools like can help gather more data about the visitor journey, from heatmaps to code bugs, and provide unparalleled insights into what drives or blocks revenue on your website.


Users on your website often do a lot of things that can not be grouped into traditional events (clicks, page views, etc), but give marketers great understanding of what elements a user has in focus while on-page.

Heatmap trackers make this data visible and show in easy to read graphs, overlaid onto a live website where users click inside of a page and what sections of a website drive specific engagement or where you are losing visitors.

Session recording and replay

To understand what your users do on your website, what they love and what they hate, it can be extremely helpful to see their every move navigating through your content.

With session screen recorders features you can replay the journey of every individual user and easier conclude where patterns of events come from. Of course in a privacy compliant way with masked personal data in the recordings.

Ask for feedback

While technology has come a long way and can give us more insights than ever, sometimes the best way is to just ask straightforward for feedback.

Users want to have a good experience, and will have opinions on how that experience can be achieved on your website. Feedback widgets give your users a chance to help your team with personal responses.

Capture bugs and exceptions

Most websites have issues one way or another, and not every user will experience them the same way. Maybe a certain script doesn’t load fast enough in one region, while images are blocked in another region.

Often your team won’t notice these issues until they are affected by it, and reproducing something you can not see is almost impossible. By implementing automated bug trackers you can be notified every time your website fails for an individual visitor, and combined with session replay see exactly what happened.

While basic analytics are used widely the potential to gather better insights by collecting and evaluating more data is endless and drives increased revenue for many ecommerce players, as well as other industries.

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