Project management: Propelling your business

Learn how digital project management tools can help to organize and optimize structures and initiatives in your company.

Project management

Written by Benjamin Bromberg

Many people, employees and managers alike, work every day with high ambition and a drive for efficiency, but leave significant potential on the table.

Especially digital industries and office environments often miss out on the structure and benefits that modern project management tools can provide, and deploy strategies like spreadsheets and sticky notes from days long gone.

Digital tools and helpers boost productivity in your team and with individual assignments

Working in team is and has always been a challenge that is not exclusive to digital work. Many industries and companies have had to come to terms with how results can be planned, processed and achieved efficiently since centuries.

With more and more jobs happening digital or being able to leverage digital technology we however can leverage advanced, previously not available tools. Today there is an abundance of platforms that can help you to log, track and complete assignments for yourself and your colleagues.

Why the old way isn't necessarily driving results

Work is being managed since humans exist, but we have constantly improved on how to do that. When initially we simply had to try and remember everything that we have to do, over time we moved to write things down, progressed into sticky notes and with the computer revolution even started to transfer these notes into word documents and similar formats.

However these solutions have their individual problems and shortcomings, our memory is far from perfect, paper and sticky notes tend do disappear and word documents are hard to keep track off and search for. The result is forgotten tasks, missed deadlines and often confusion resulting in chaos at the work place.

Modern project management digitalized

With the space of work and project management ripe for advancement many companies have taken up the challenge to revolutionise how we structure our work and drive better results faster. The platforms provide solutions to write structured assignments and tasks, often with helpful features like notifications, due date, assignment to teams or multiple co-workers, comments and file attachments.

With extensive documentations and lists of all projects and tasks it is easy to keep track of pending assignments and check back on what has been done. Work gets processed faster and forgetting about things that were discussed at the water cooler or written on sticky notes is avoided.

Tools and strategies

Work management, online and offline, is not an easy task. To serve individual needs of different industries and team scopes multiple dedicated or general purpose platforms offer solutions, that can help companies work better.

Agile methodology for example is one often used work management framework, especially in software development. With purpose built systems like Atlassians Jira, teams can implement and enforce agile workflows easily and reliably.

Other platforms like asana and trello support any strategy and workflow to be accommodated on their flexible products featuring lists, boards and timelines, while still providing guiding templates and tutorials.

Ultimately finding the right platform and strategy always depends on what you and your team wants to achieve. At esugo we love working with asana for business teams and Jira for software development and have helped many of our partners and customers to integrate similar solutions. For more information and to see how your company can leverage digital project management tools do not hesitate to reach out to our expert team.

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