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Why Malaysian websites need a favicon!

Favicons are around since the beginning of the internet, for a good reason!

18 March 2019

Today we want to talk about a small, often overlooked but very important feature of websites. This thing has been around since the internet was born and, as our in-house design experts reminded us, is as important today as it was back then!

What is a favicon?

A favicon is a small, square graphic that your website can offer to browsers as an icon. The name comes from the earlier use as an icon, next to the websites address, when stored as a favourite in the users bowser. However today the favicon is displayed in a multitude of locations in the users browser, for example the tab bar and at the frequently used websites grid of Chrome.

How do I install it?

Getting started with favicons could not be simpler. Every website can have one and for the most basic website all you need is an icon (ideally 16*16px or 32*32px in dimensions) and one line of code at the top of your website.

<link rel="icon" href="favicon.png" sizes="16x16" type="image/png">

Of course with todays abundance of different screen resolutions, device types and browsers the most basic does not cut it anymore. Have a look at this free tool used by industry experts that helps you create a favicon in several resolutions.

Why you need it!

Besides the fact that websites look better with one, a favicon does provide some real, tangible advantages especially to business websites.

For once an icon resembling your company helps branding, people who are a lot in contact with your brand, or those who you would want to be, should be conditioned on your corporate identity every chance you get. A favicon provides additional real estate to do just that!

Another important aspect is usability, the way we use browsers today enables us to have several, if not countless, of tabs open simultaneously. Finding your company website in that ocean becomes difficult and takes long if one has to look through titles of every open tab. But matching a known icon works quickly and brings visitors back to where you want them, on your website!

Professional design is a language of its own, and favicons are just a word in it. If your company wants to get this right and drive the most of your KPIs online, then working with trained experts is paramount.

Esugo has an experienced in-house team of designers that support countless clients every day with their branding needs. Reach out to us today if you want to see what we can do for your company by filling out the form below or sending an email to!

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