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Get a domain name for free?

Domain names are an integral part of every digital presence since they are the address under which your visitors will remember you. But often they come at no small price.

Get a domain name for free

A domain name is the first thing customers will see when engaging with your brand digitally, with that important role every business has to put significant consideration in what name to use.

What are domain names?

A domain name is a simple text name under which your website or app is reachable online. For example “” is the domain we use at esugo to make our website accessible via the internet.

A domain name usually consists out of two parts, the actual name (e.g. “esugo”) and the top level domain part or TLD (e.g. “.my”). There is an abundance of top level domains available for registration, which can broadly be grouped into country top level domains, like .my for Malaysia, and generic top level domains like .com for commercial websites.

Why do they cost money?

Most top level domains will administer a yearly charge to register a name. This is partially to finance the extensive infrastructure that needs to be operated to ensure that a domain name can always be translated to the server that provides the respective website.

Another reason for the yearly charge is to deter companies and consumers from registering names without using them, therefore taking up digital space without providing value.

Every top level domain can have different prices for their registrations, often varying between a couple of dollars to hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars for premium name registrations.

How to get a free domain?

While almost all top level domains come with a yearly charge to maintain your name registration there is one notable company operating select TLDs free of charge.

The registrar freenom is offering names under .TK / .ML / .GA / .CF / .GQ completely free of charge to everyone, with the exclusion only select unwanted content verticals.

However the infrastructure to operate these domains still incurs costs so abandoned domains under these TLDs will often be used to show advertising and some users report that they lose their domain names due to arbitrary reasons.

In conclusion while there are options to get free, real domain names for every business it is wise to choose a suitable TLD, like .shop for ecommerce or .tech for digital businesses, and pay a small fee per year to secure the safe and professional operation of their digital presence.

At esugo we help customers to get amazing digital solutions end-to-end, from idea to delivery of the project under your very own domain name. Contact us today to find out more how we can help you take your business to the next level!

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