Network Advertising & revenue potential with checkout deal widgets

A strong network of publishers and advertisers distributes digital deals and vouchers to create a performance driven sales funnel for e-commerce offers.

By Sarah Low Pei San
3 min read

Growth and increased customer satisfaction are at the core of the ESUGO network. Operating a network of partners that are highly incentivised to propel forward the sales operation of each individual member is the deciding factor for our marketing success.

E-commerce is an increasingly important channel in many markets, but building your own platform and customer pool often comes with a significant investment and longer ramp-up times for business to grow. With rapid development of online services user expectation towards comfort and convenience when ordering online is likewise raising at high velocity.

The ESUGO solution is supporting partners equally with reaching new, highly motivated buyers as well as increased customer satisfaction. Through seamless integration into popular e-commerce systems we present your transacted users with a modern widget that displays discounts and exclusive offers of other partners. Users get to select the deals most suitable to them and leave your shop happy to place the next order in our network!

This is enabled through our publishers, who operate online shops that show the ESUGO widgets to users on the order confirmation page. As a publisher you not only make your users happy but also gain increased income and monetization options. Through our optimized algorithms we achieve above average conversion rates on the offered deals, which in turn means more commissions on your users. With our solution publishers benefit from:

  • Higher satisfaction and return rates with their experience on the shop
  • Keep full revenue from your in-store orders
  • Earn commissions every time one of your users redeems a deal
  • No risk from competition due to extensive, custom filter lists

For advertisers ESUGO offers proven and risk-free tools to promote products and offers to our network users. Leveraging on an audience of motivated customers with high purchase intention we boost one of the best conversion rates in the industry. Promoting in our widget placements unlocks benefits such as:

  • Access to transacted users with high purchase intention
  • Risk-free advertising through 100% performance based charges
  • No setup or maintenance costs
  • Only brand-safe network partners

Through our extensive network benefits and flexible system integration every publisher can also gain new customers as an advertiser. Being a 100% performance based product that means with ESUGO you earn money on existing customers and grow your sales risk-free!

Sarah Low Pei San

Sarah Low Pei San

Director Partner Management

How it works

We created a funnel that increases customer satisfaction and boosts revenue - wrapped as a rewards scheme. This is how we do it:

1. User gets rewarded

After a user converts on your shop you reward them with our exclusive deals and voucher widget.

2. User selects a deal

Your happy users picks one or multiple of our vouchers from your rewards widget.

3. User redeems deal

Your user redeems the selected deals with our partners and you cash out additional commissions.

Start growing your sales

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